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Bee's Art/Work

The Years To Come For This Girl.....

Work Of Bee
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Welcome to kawaiibee!!

Pretty much this community ish for me to post my work so people can see along so i can get a feed back on what i can do and as well to help people along the way too ^^

I'm a Art student at Santa Monica College, California, USA! im working on making my first comic book (manga) at the moment and im still creating characters so this ish were i'll post my stuff so people can see as i become better and better each day! ^^

The things i'll post here!

**Icons - from manga, anime, movies, random things
**Banners - Mostly Anime and manga
**Art Work - from school and from the computer
**Request - I like taking request on anything to build up my skills
**Layout Codes - my codes work mostly on Free Accounts, but im working on Paid accounts once i get one and get more time with them

Just a few things i'll working on here ^^ Feel free to comment on anything and i look forward to how long i can keep this up and till i make it the day people will buy my stuff at stores ^^